Team Athlead

Meshal Al-Qudaibi

Co-Founder, CEO, & Athlete Coach

Meshal has a master’s degree in Sports Coaching from the University of Denver. He is a Strength & Conditioning coach who specializes in biomechanics of soccer, and holds extensive knowledge in the science of training, motor learning, nutrition, sport psychology/sociology. He aided athletes from the Saudi national team in improving their movement and biomechanics.
Majed Al-Qudaibi

Co-Founder, COO, & Athlete Coach

Majed holds multiple certificates in areas related to sports and is a detail-oriented Strength & Conditioning coach. He holds experience in training the general public, recreational athletes, local club athletes like AlNasser, AlHilal, AlShabab and Saudi multi-national athletes.
Yazeed Abalkhail

Co-Founder, CFO, & Tech Director

Yazeed holds a Bachelors & Masters degree in Finance. He is a self taught software developer who has developed and designed multiple websites and mobile applications, including platforms, games, & social software. He has extensive experience in startups, and manages all technology & financial matters in Athlead.